The law office CHYTRÝ, VALTROVÁ & partners, s.r.o.

Rubešova 83/10
120 00 Prague 2
IČ: 27212131
DIČ: CZ27212131

Legal services

The law office CHYTRÝ, VALTROVÁ & partners, s.r.o. provides the clients with complete legal services, specialising primarily in the area of commercial law, company law, real estate law, labour law and administrative law, and claims administration as well as patent and trade mark registration, inclusive of substitution in the resolution of related litigations be they on the basis of extra-judicial resolution, judicial resolution or arbitration procedure.

  • Commercial law
    • Preparation of contracts
    • Securing obligations, inclusive of bills of exchange and checks
    • Compensatory damages
    • Review of contractual relations and contractual documentation
  • Companies law
    • Establishing business entities including obtainment of business licence
    • Company management, board meetings, organisation of general meetings
    • Amendment and change of initial deed documentation including amendments of share capital value, trade name, registered office, partners
    • Contract of service, shareholder agreements
    • Company transformation
    • Liquidation of companies
  • Real estate law
    • Complete preparation of documentation for conveyance of real estate, flats and non-residential premises
    • Preparation of documentation for developer project, including documentation relating to construction and financial provision of the project
    • Representation in dealing with cadastre registry office, construction administration or any other administrative authorities
    • lease and underlease of residential and non-residential premises, including real estate as a whole
    • relations incidental to implementation of right in rem; in particular, right of lien
    • Estate management
  • Claims administration
    • Claim auditing
    • Claim recovery
    • Enforcement of security instruments
  • Labour law
    • Preparations of managerial and employment contracts and other documentations regulating relations between employers and employees
    • Resolution of the legal relations resulting from termination of employment
    • Compensatory damages
  • Administrative law
    • Construction law
    • Trade law
    • Law of torts

Solving any consumer disputes

In accordance with Act. No. 634/19921 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, we hereby inform the consumer that on February 5th 2016 the Czech Bar Association has been entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic with an out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between the attorney and the consumer consequent on the legal service contracts (pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended). The website of the authorized entity is: